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"Also thank you sooooo much for following me" by kyliejennerstyylle

No worries :)

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians S09E20

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"Heyy!!! When does Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons start? I heard it's in 2 weeks from wikipedia. Is it true? Btw, love ur blog. :)" by kimberly-kardashian-west

Probably then :) xx

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"Do you miss Kylie's blue hair ? I kind of do sometimes haha Xx" by lenaanastasia

Not really, I liked it but I don’t miss it :)

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Camera: Gretech Corporation GomPlayer 2, 2, 56, 5183 (ENG)
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"Haileybaldwinstyle and haileybaldwinfashion are some" by Anonymous


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"How crazy is it that Kylie has 2 matte black cars worth $500 000 together, at 17! Love her so much!" by lumineux-liksye

Haha :)

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"You're my new fave kylie blog!! 😘" by Anonymous

Aw thanks love xxx

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"Do you know any hailey style blogs?" by midnight-kissesssg

No sorry x

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"Where can I watch KUTWK episodes?" by Anonymous


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